Investment Conferences

Communitech Market Intelligence oganizes and runs specialty conferences addressing investment issues in the health care industry.  For more information on these, please check the investment conference box on our Information Request Form or call us.

CIBC World Markets
Annual Healthcare Conference

Foremost among our annual investment conferences is the CIBC World Markets Healthcare Conference, held each fall in New York City. This conference features four concurrent tracks of presentations , including 120 public and 40 private healthcare companies (pharmaceuticals, services, biotechnology, devices and diagnostics). Breakout sessions follow each presentation. 

The in-depth corporate presentations address companies' current financial results, product status and opportunities, and the impact of recent and pending developments on their business. Luncheon presentations each day feature important public figures discussing some of the major issues and critical challenges affecting the healthcare industry. 

The conference handbook includes a description of each company, financial information and contact information. Copies of recent CIBC World Markets research reports are available throughout the meeting. With an average annual attendance exceeding 1,500 health care executives and investors, this conference provides a fruitful opportunity to make broad contacts and learn more about the dynamic companies and unfolding challenges in health care.

Clinical Advances in Biotechnology

In cooperation with Vector Securities International, Communitech hosts a periodic one-day conference addressing recent clinical developments on some of the hottest biotechnology products in development. These meetings feature key clinical scientists with hands-on experience with the products. Their candid presentations and discussions provide an enlightening overview of the current progress and problems in the clinical evolution of these products. The discussion of technical issues and market opportunities combine to make this a very informative program.

Innovative Drug Development:
Companies, Technologies & Opportunities

This conference, held each Spring in New York, features presentations and exhibits by startup and early-stage drug and biotechnology companies.

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