21st Annual
Cancer Progress

The Premier Cancer Conference 
for Healthcare Executives

March 16-17, 2010
The Hilton New York

Since 1985, Cancer Progress has provided pharmaceutical and biotech executives the opportunity to review and discuss significant contemporary issues in oncology. During two days of presentations and panels, world-class researchers and key executives offer incisive overviews and candid assessments of today’s most important topics. This year, they included:

  • Targeted therapies promise to revolutionize cancer treatment. Many of the hottest new clinical and preclinical candidates will be profiled with perceptive comments and questions on their promise and challenges.

  • Biomarkers as predictive and prognostic factors are undergoing rapid technological advancements and unveiling new clinical applications. Their opportunities and implications will be integral components of several panel discussions.

  • Advances in imaging systems provide non-invasive options for consistent, objective evaluations of responses in solid tumors – beyond RECIST. How are these new modalities being incorporated into drug discovery and clinical trials? How are they changing the way companies are thinking about conducting trials and follow-on patient monitoring?

  • Patient stratification and adaptive designs are increasingly being applied in oncology clinical trials. What are the implications? How will companies benefit? What trials currently use this methodology? What’s on the horizon?

  • The conference will examine innovative business models and emerging challenges which are impacting the industry. Will the novel risk-sharing alliance between AstraZeneca and Merck become a trend for the future? How will the reintroduction of Iressa be implemented? Can collaborations with integrative cancer institutes shorten the path to commercialization? How might new rules and policy changes impact pricing? Can companies recapture the expenditures of bringing a drug to market? Will new regulations stifle innovation?  

Unbiased cutting-edge presentations, lively panel discussions and vigorous audience interactions yield exceptional new understanding and insights. Networking is a major factor throughout the meeting during breaks, luncheons, reception and dinner. All attendees receive a conference handbook and web-access to slides, plus the annually-updated report "Oncology Drugs in the Pipeline". Participants are also invited to attend the optional Szent-Gyorgyi Prize Award Dinner sponsored by the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR). This prize is awarded each year by the NFCR to a basic science researcher who has made an extraordinary contribution to cancer research.

Plan now to join us in March 2011 for an unsurpassed learning experience which consistently receives top marks for quality of information, coverage of issues, and value of professional contacts.

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